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What I Have Been Obsessed With Lately!

Despite having 3 essays and dissertation proposal to get done, I have been doing everything and anything to procrastinate and just watch TV. Continue reading “What I Have Been Obsessed With Lately!”

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So… Things Have Changed

Its been A very long time since I last visited my little space on the internet. The last Blogpost I posted was on the 11th January. And well… 2 and a half months later I am writing again…It feels so weird! Continue reading “So… Things Have Changed”

Day 11 – Quote of the day


Just Keep Swimming… ❤


Day 9 – In 2016 I learned______

I remember really enjoying writing this last year as I was able to reflect upon the year and see all the different things which happened. Therefore I thought to do it again 🙂 So here are a some of the things which I learnt in 2016. Continue reading “Day 9 – In 2016 I learned______”

Day 5 – Resolutions

Day 1 – New Year, New Blog?

Day 366 – A Review of 2016

It’s the last day of the year (the last few hours actually as I write this). Happy New Year’s Eve people and happy new year to those who are in different countries where it’s already past midnight. I can hear the fireworks already! I hope you all are having a wonderful night partying away as you welcome the new year, or maybe you are like me and are curled up on the sofa in from tv having a movie night. Either way, I hope you are having a lovely night! As it is almost the end of the year I thought to do a mini review of the year as my last post of the year. Continue reading “Day 366 – A Review of 2016”

Day 365 – What I Wish For 2017

Day 364 – Monthly Favourites (December)

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